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At the top of the list there is to make FreeAdhocUDF compatible (min. input-/output compatible) with many other UDFs so you need only one UDF libary.

  • ib_udf from Borland / CodeGear / Embarcadero 
  • fbudf from FireBird
  • GrUDF from Torsten Grundke and Gerd Kroll
  • udflib from Mer Systems (commercial / free) - last version 2000-03-13
  • FUDLib from Deebee Solutions Ltd (free clone of the udflib) - last version 2000-08-20
  • rfunc from Polaris Software - last version 2003-11-27
  • SR-UDF from (commercial / free) -last version 2006-05-08
  • TBUDF from Tecnobyte - last version 2002-11-14 ?
  • xLibUDF from SoftLab - last version ? (bevore IB5.6)
For next (or next but one) version we think about
  • to read also the variant - and not only the version - of the UUID in F_UUIDVERSION
  • more real encryption functions
  • more transliteration functions
  • more file-functions for FAUfile
  • for 64-bit-server-version range also 64bit
  • from rFunc CalcExpr und EXPRISVALID
  • making PDFs
  • Levenstein-functions
  • more checksum-functions, i.e. CRC32, SHA-2
Idears for new kinds of functions
  • GeoDB - rund um Entfernungsberechnungen zwischen zwei geographischen Koordinaten
  • Oracle2FireBird - adapt special/dayly used Oracle-functions to FireBird/InterBase
  • Creditcard check
contributes as ideas or code (Delphi, C ...) are welcome!

There is NO date for a new release! There is NO garanty for releasing ... even you ...

Possibility to write an urgend used function for you
  • You need a new function?
  • You can't wait?
  • Speak to us: We give you an offer to realize the UDFs immediately!
  • You want to use the FreeAdhocUDF on a not testet OS?
  • Speak to us: We give you an offer to compile and test for you!
All made functions on the above way are published for the community in the next edition.
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